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Procurement intelligence

With the increase in the complexity of the supply chain, the constant search for opportunities in the supplier market and the predictability of costs become essential for maintaining the margins of companies.

Our market analysis brings important information to decision makers because it allows a deep knowledge of the supplier market and new technologies, in addition to risks, legislation, indicators and benchmarks.

Strategic Sourcing

Strategic Sourcing has allowed companies to make significant gains in reducing the purchase price, reducing the supplier base and improving the level of quality and service delivered to the end customer, not to mention that the Strategic Sourcing methodology brings a substantial improvement in the overall operation.

At Wezu, we strongly believe that this should be the only way companies should be sourcing products and services for their operations.

Global Sourcing

Cost-savings are one of the main advantages of global sourcing and we strive to make this a reality to your operation. Many foreign suppliers and manufacturers offer their services at a competitive price, especially in low-cost emerging markets.

Our multisectoral sourcing service is a simple process that provides you with all the information, feedback, and recommendations you might need. We know that it is value, cost savings and peace of mind that you are seeking when sourcing globally, let us help you in your journey.